Welcome! Children’s Yoga and More supports you through the adventures of parenting…

Childhood is a passage of phases and stages. Children’s Yoga and More provides unique programs  to support these stages for the healthy growth and development of babies, children, adolescence and family life including:

Creative Writing Clubs, Camps and Groups -Exploring Imagination
Infant Yoga starting at age 6 weeks; Meet moms and learn
Playful Yoga Certification Training (teaching yoga for 2-6 year olds)
 Bright from the Start Approved training at your site
 Parenting workshops at NAP (North Atlanta Parenting Center)
 Organization speaker and conference presentation
Creative Writing Clubs and Groups

Children’s Yoga and More supports movement from birth on. Turn off the phone and run, walk, skip, or hop with your child. Kick, throw, catch or bat a ball.  Balls help develop little finger muscles needed for future pencil holding and writing. So does play dough. Jump, toggle, balance or playfully get into yoga poses though out the day.

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