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bright from the start trainingApproved Training for Your Staff

Our Bright from the Start training is never boring and repetitive. Child care providers will become active learners through role playing, partner or small group work and other methods of participations. Lori Sugarman conducts all trainings. Her experience as both a classroom teacher and former technical assistance consultant allows “both hats” to present an effective training in the education of children along with the minimization of center citations.

Training is CONVENIENTLY available at your site after hours and on weekends anywhere in Georgia. Online training CANNOT motivate and inspire like in person group training.


Bright from the Start
Approved training courses:

Discipline and Supervision:
“Cans, Can’ts and Don’ts” is a hands on team building training in which each person reviews her classroom setting during the day to examine challenges and pitfalls in supervision. Self examination of discipline styles and new ways to implement child appropriate learning strategies along with review of BFTS Rules and Regs- “cans cant’s and don’ts” ensure each provider leaves the training with alternative strategies for positive discipline.

Transportation for Safe Children and Citation Free Centers
Clearly defined rule review, role playing, partner work, group games, decision fatigue discussion and new transportation songs ensure understanding and enforcement of transportation compliance.

Playing into Math and Language for 3 and 4 year olds: Jumpstarting Kindergartners into the Common Core Georgia Professional Standards
Playfully develop early math and language competencies with 3-4 year olds through the roadmap provided by kindergarten standards of CCGPS(Common Core Georgia Professional Standards).

Core Rules and Regulations to Music for Citation free Centers!: From hygiene to hazards to sleep safety to documentation, across the 12 core rule areas, your staff will enjoy this review put to music to minimize consultant visit citations.

Laughter Yoga: Talk about staff bonding, this training not only gives teachers an entire program of “laughter exercises” modified for children, but offers new approaches to stress and irritation on and off the job.

Go Away Stress!   Reducing Stress for Adults and Children: Learn skills of relaxation to minimize effects of stress in adults and children. Teaching children to “self soothe” is an important lifelong skill. This training is not just lecture! Prepare to experience ways you can decrease tension and move back into a state of control.

Playful Yoga for 2 year olds – Pre-K: Movement for the classroom. Jazz up circle time and any other time with 20 plus movements rich with song and poems.  Playful Yoga teaches “calming” breath games to help children learn self control. These poses and movement games create happier and quicker transitions, aid in general classroom management, and allow energy release on a rainy day! Breathing games give children new ways to manage temper tantrums. Develops balance, coordination, cross midline and listening skills.

Yoga for Tots 1-2 yrs: Learn 20 new movements for all senses through imitation, language, music and rhythm. Redirect and provide short, age appropriate structure with poses. Lesson plan material can be developed from each pose: Cat, Dog, Cow, Gorilla, Hand up High, and many more.

Yoga for Infants: Using life size dolls, practice movements to increase brain development through connection with song and language. Learn two dozen new movements that engage all of baby’s senses and decrease boredom. Poses increase tummy time. Babies are happier, less fussy, and sleep longer from “exercise.”

Earlier Readers; Infant-Tot Visual Development and intro to Sign Language: Enrich the reading potential of all infants and tots during this explosive period of brain growth through simple materials to develop visual ability and receptive language. Based on 40 years of research and application with infant development. Training includes introduction to sign language.

Look What Came Out of Your Mouth: Teachers will assess their communication style in the workplace, with children and in family life regarding direct and indirect language. Role play highlights unintentional effects of threats and empty words and serves to build more effective communication skills between adult and child.

Stop that, Bullies! Discussion of what defines bully behavior in children and adults, why children bully and strategies to empower children with assertive techniques in the face of unwanted attention.

Easy Street: Lessons Plans for Infant and Tots : With an emphasis on sensory exploration and safety, providers will learn to develop a daily and weekly lesson plan to maximize language and promote positive emotional and social foundations.

Two intermediate level trainings are:
Reducing Stress for Adults and Children
Earlier Readers; Infant- Tot Visual Development

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